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Prototyping on the Web
Module 1 Course Orientation
Course overview, logistics and tools used.
Unit 1 Welcome words and orientation
Unit 2 FileSquare for interactive prototypes
Unit 3 Live webcasts and Extra Credits
Unit 4 Coursework and feedback
Module 2 What and Why of Prototyping
What is prototyping, what are its goals? Related concepts discussed.
Unit 1 What is Protototyping?
Unit 2 IDEO on Prototyping
Unit 3 Goals of Prototyping
Unit 4 Usability considerations
Unit 5 Livecast Feb 19, 2013: Prototyping for better understanding
Module 3 Tools of The Trade
CONTENT RELEASED FEB 20th. Tools and techniques for prototyping. Image editors, slide software, clickable PDFs, physical prototyping and prototyping in code.
Unit 1 Introduction to wireframing: Moqups
Unit 2 Prototyping with presentation software
Unit 3 Prototyping in code: Bootstrap CSS
Unit 4 Extra Credit: Online tools for Prototyping with Bootstrap
Unit 5 Paper prototyping
Module 4 Research and Feedback on Prototypes
Setting up prototypes for feedback gathering, doing research, understanding context and content for research. Qualitative vs quantitative research.
Unit 1 Getting feedback for your prototype
Unit 2 Extra credit: Consumer Ethnography
Unit 3 Finding people to test with
Unit 4 Qualitative vs Quantitative research
Module 5 Individual Prototype Coursework
Your turn to shine! Guidance and steps for creating your own prototype and getting and giving feedback.
Unit 1 Create A Prototype
Unit 2 Give feedback on 3+ other prototypes
Unit 3 Write a blog/FB/G+ post on what you learned and your next steps